We’re Setting Bigger and Better Goals

As we look to close out 2019 with a bang, we’re setting higher benchmarks than ever around the Infinite Management Group office. Jenna Farnham, our firm’s Owner, explained that setting our sights on ambitious year-end targets will also help us start 2020 with lots of momentum. We’re big believers in the power of lofty goals when it comes to long-term success. Here are a few things we keep in mind as we establish high personal and team goals:

• Be Specific: It’s essential to be as clear as possible when setting objectives. When we have specific outcomes in mind, we can put the right action steps in place and start making progress right away. There’s always a little wiggle room in our plans, but we do our best to home in on an exact end goal.

• Write Them Down: Seeing targets in writing is an inspiring experience. We’ve found that when we commit our Infinite Management Group aspirations to paper, they become a little bit more real. Posting them in highly visible spots around our workspace tends to help us stay motivated, too.

• Reward Progress: There are likely to be a few hurdles along the path to achieving any worthwhile goal. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to celebrate every small milestone you reach. Doing so will build up your confidence and resolve.

We’re excited to finish the year strong and set even bigger targets for 2020. Follow Infinite Management Group on Instagram to get updates on our progress.

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