So Many Achievements to Celebrate!

We’re proud of how much we’ve achieved in less than a year in business, with Jenna, our talented President, leading the way. There are some exciting things in the Infinite Management Group pipeline, all of which have created a buzz in our office. As we look toward the second half of 2019, we’re more inspired than ever to reach new heights for our national service partners.

Our most recent cause for celebration was Trevor’s promotion to Assistant Manager at the end of June. Along with Aaron’s advancement back in January, this makes two promotions in record-breaking time for Jenna. Just as Aaron did, we have no doubt that Trevor will quickly adapt to his leadership role. We’re looking forward to the next big promotion announcement, which could come at any time.

Jenna opened Infinite Management Group in October 2018, so it’s remarkable how much our team has achieved in less than a year. It’s easy to see why she earned the Exemplary Manager of the Year Award at our end-of-year party. Jenna believes if she prepares for good things to happen, these plans will come true. This mind-set has spread throughout our office, with Aaron and Trevor being two of the best examples.

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for our advancement-minded associates. Like Infinite Management Group on Facebook to stay up to date on our team’s achievements.

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