PRESS RELEASE: Infinite Management Group Highlights Aaron’s Promotion

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – Infinite Management Group’s President discussed Aaron’s recent promotion to lead his own office. She also outlined the company’s expansion plans and emphasis on goal setting.

It’s always an exciting time when a member of Team Infinite Management Group gets promoted. There’s a buzz around the firm’s workspace right now thanks to Aaron’s recent promotion. Jenna, the firm’s President, explained that Aaron will be opening his own office in Philadelphia. She added that this is a huge accomplishment and that she has full confidence in Aaron’s ownership abilities.

The company’s supportive team atmosphere is a major contributor to team members’ career advancement. Jenna explained that Aaron was selected to run a new location because he’s helped so many of his colleagues achieve new heights with his positive and encouraging nature. The President noted that Aaron has also shown exceptionally intuitive business leadership skills since coming to Infinite Management Group.

Jenna stated that there are promotions coming up in the near future as well. Trevor and AJ have been working hard to hit their goals and earn their way forward. The company’s merit-based approach to advancement ensures that team members stay motivated to reach their growth objectives. In-depth training and mentorship make ongoing development easy around the Infinite Management Group office.

Infinite Management Group’s President Discusses Expansion, Importance of Clear Goals

Amid the exciting news of Aaron’s new office in Philadelphia, Infinite Management Group leaders have other new markets in their sights for expansion. Jenna explained that 2019 will be a year of growth for the firm and its team members. By entering vibrant new markets, the company can deliver even bigger wins for its national service partners.

An emphasis on goal setting powers the firm’s continuing growth and team members’ career achievements. The President noted that having clear objectives allows associates to focus their efforts and stay engaged all the way through a project to successful outcomes. Knowing exactly what they want to achieve also makes it easier for team members to measure their progress. With strongly defined ideas of where they stand in their goal-fulfillment processes, driven professionals can make the proper adjustments to ensure long-term success.

Staying ahead of the competition is a key benefit of the Infinite Management Group approach to goal setting. Team members are encouraged to celebrate each milestone and then set the bar higher for the next one. Jenna explained that by highlighting every win and increasing expectations, the company stays on the right track to expanding its market influence.

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