Mentorship Is a Key Part of Our 2020 Plans

We’ve got major growth goals for 2020, which means we plan to take our training to a new level around the Infinite Management Group office. This goes for both new hires and seasoned associates. As we pursue our challenging objectives, we’ll be pushing our team members to improve through inspiring mentorship.

Leading by example is a top priority for all of our in-office Infinite Management Group mentors. Our experienced top performers know they’re being watched as they chase their targets, build their networks, and communicate with their colleagues. They model the best behaviors in all these areas, helping our newest associates create their own successful paths.

Our mentorship approach also emphasizes being accountable. We want everyone who joins our team to stick with the goals they set, and monitor their progress to ensure positive outcomes. The same is true for helping teammates with their own pursuits. The idea is to have an office full of dedicated people who want the best for each other. We’re lucky to have internal coaches who show the way in terms of being accountable.

Perhaps the best way our mentors set the pace is by learning new things every day. Even our most accomplished team members push themselves to get better through continuing education.

We’re proud of the way mentorship fuels our team’s success. Learn more about how we seek constant improvement by following Infinite Management Group on Instagram.

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