How College Grads Can Refine Their Résumés

Having an impressive résumé is always a good way to get a leg up on the job-seeking competition. This is especially true for those who are going right from college graduation into the job market. Here are a few things college grads can do to make sure their résumés are impressive to our Infinite Management Group hiring managers:

• Ensure Good Grammar: This obviously means getting rid of mistakes, but we also want résumés to be free of abbreviations and any type of jargon. We look for professional documents that project confidence and positivity. Simple, clear terminology works best.

• Include Relevant Experience: Many applicants include past jobs or education achievements that don’t match with the jobs they want to fill. We look for résumés that feature only the most relevant experience, as well as skills that align with the Infinite Management Group approach.

• Use Professional Details: They seem simple, but things like a good file name for your résumé really do matter. Using a professional email address rather than a school address or an outdated one with a silly name is also a good idea. These things add up to create a well-polished image of success.

These simple tips help to ensure a résumé that makes a strong positive impression. Like Infinite Management Group on Facebook to find more of our best tips for college grad jobseekers.

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