Exciting News on Current and Future Promotions

Infinite Management Group has been established for several months now, with lots of promotions occurring within our office. Jenna, our firm’s President, is very excited about all the amazing people who have chosen to be part of her vision. Aaron was promoted this past December, and there is plenty of advancement coming in the near future for our driven associates.

There are a few key behaviors our team members have applied to put themselves in position to move forward. One of the most important of these strategies is networking at industry events. Our team members broaden their horizons by learning from some of the most accomplished people in our business. Each new connection they make offers a different set of helpful career tips.

Our associates have also mastered the art of reviewing career goals on a regular basis. We set ambitious goals for professional growth, but we don’t stop with writing them down and tracking our progress. By revisiting our Infinite Management Group objectives from time to time, we’re able to make the right adjustments to our methods and desired outcomes as needed.

Jenna still can’t believe the success our team has achieved this quickly, even as she receives national recognition for her leadership skills. She has several people in her sights for the next big promotion and remains excited about the growth that’s still to come for our company.

We’re ready to announce the next wave of promotions on our team. Follow Infinite Management Group on Instagram for advancement updates.

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